UGPN Education Project wins 2nd prize in Pearson HE Innovate Awards 2021

UGPN Education Project wins 2nd prize in Pearson HE Innovate Awards 2021

UGPN’s virtual mobility education project was awarded second place under the category ‘most innovative approach to widening participation in the curriculum’ at this year’s Pearson HE Innovate Awards.

The project created an international community of students across all four UGPN partners in spring 2021.  It was designed to be accessible to students who have traditionally found it difficult to participate in physical mobility. Students interacted virtually with international peers to address a topic related to ‘Covid-19 & Worldwide Response’.  Content and activities were delivered in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions using several digital platforms.

We feel that our community allowed students to develop important global skills at a time when many of our students were confined to their homes. Students learned to communicate with a variety of people, forming meaningful relationships with peers and faculty members across the network.”  Dr Alex Seal, project lead at the University of Surrey.

Providing world-class opportunities for individuals to broaden their horizons remains core to UGPN’s mission. We are delighted that Pearson HE Innovate Awards have recognised the innovative approach we are taking in providing international student experiences that are accessible to all.”  Professor Bailian Li, Chair of UGPN Executive Committee.