We’re expanding our collective reach and providing a unique platform for international collaboration


Our mission

The UGPN aims to develop sustainable world-class research, education and knowledge transfer through an active international network of selected Universities collaborating in research, learning and teaching to benefit global society.

Our vision

The UGPN will be regarded by key stakeholders as a leader in the field of global academic and research partnerships with an overriding commitment to enhancing the impact of all its endeavours.

Our objective

By 2024, the UGPN will develop a range of jointly enabled innovative solutions to world problems based on shared research expertise and a mobility strategy for increasing the number of faculty, staff and students with international experience.

Student and Staff Mobility

The UGPN provides opportunities for individuals to broaden their horizons and travel to a Partner within the network to undertake study or research.

Staff mobility is supported through various schemes, including the UGPN Research Collaboration Fund, the University of Wollongong Visiting International Scholar Awards (VISA programme) as well as valued partnerships with government ministries, international organisations, funding bodies and industry sponsors including FAPESP, CNPq and CAPES in Brazil, the British Council, the Newton Fund and Santander Universities.

UGPN partners have student exchange agreements across the network enabling undergraduate and postgraduate student exchanges in subjects ranging from maths, physics, chemical engineering, politics, business, sociology and film studies. Undergraduate students are also able to take advantage of placement opportunities at UGPN partners, providing a unique opportunity to work in a laboratory environment, enhancing their research skills in their given subject.

Summer Schools

The summer school programme ‘Brazilian Business & Culture’, organised by the University of  São Paulo, was established as a joint summer school for the UGPN network. Held at the University’s Ribeirão Preto campus, 300km from the metropolis of São Paulo, the programme focuses on the Brazilian economy and agribusiness, including a strong cultural management aspect. Subjects are entirely taught in English, but Portuguese classes are included, enabling to gain a broad understanding of Brazilian culture.

Student Mobility across the UGPN


The University of Wollongong joined UGPN in 2016

  • NC State

    • Outbound: 76
    • Inbound: 82

  • University of
    São Paulo

    • Outbound: 37
    • Inbound: 101

  • University of

    • Outbound: 163
    • Inbound: 98

  • University of

    • Outbound: 52
    • Inbound: 47