Doctor Bailian Lee, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement, North Carolina State University

Dr. Bailian Li

Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement
NC State University

Dr. Bailian Li is the Sr. Vice Provost for Global Engagement at NC State University. As the Chief International Officer for the University, he provides leadership for the University’s overall mission of global engagement in research, education, and economic development.

He reports to the Provost, and works closely with other senior vice Provost and Deans, faculty and staff to promote global perspectives into all functions of teaching, research, extension and engagement and to strengthen NC State’s international presence in an ever-changing global society.

He has administrative oversight for the Office of Global Engagement, the umbrella organization with nine units that provide NC State University faculty, staff, students and communities with the international knowledge, cultural understanding, skills and experience they need to succeed in the global economy. The Office of Global Engagement, supplies resources and expertise, and collaborates with international partners to create research, scholarship and economic development that address global challenges.

Under his leadership, NC State has made significant progress for campus internationalization and won the Senator Paul Simon Award in 2014 for outstanding and innovative campus internationalization. Dr. Li is a professor of Forestry & Environmental Resources and previously served in various leadership positions at University of Minnesota and NC State University.

His research projects involved quantitative genetics, forest genetics, biotechnology, genomics and tree improvement, and many of which have significant international dimensions and collaborations with scientists in different countries.

He has extensive experience in developing effective international partnerships for student mobility, faculty research and joint academic exchanges. He has been an active leader and served in various leadership positions in international education communities, research and academic societies and journal editorial boards. He has extensive living and working experience in foreign countries immersed in multiple cultures and societies.