The UGPN Research Collaboration Fund (RCF) has been an integral part of the network since its inception. To date the annual fund of US$240,000 has supported 46 research projects, covering a range of topics including carbon economies, bio-nano interfaces, genes and behaviour, international trade, visitor impacts and mathematical modelling. 

In September 2015 the University of Wollongong joined the UGPN, expanding the network and adding to the investment made by all Partners to the Research Fund. The fifth call for RCF Funding accepted proposals involving collaborative activities across all four Partners, as well as trilateral and bilateral collaborations. 

Calls for applications to the RCF are announced following the UGPN Annual Conference each year (typically in April/May). Calls are open for a period of one month, with the announcement of awards made in July. RCF projects are funded for one calendar year. 

A list of current projects can be found on the tab to the left. Reports from previously funded RCF projects (2012-2016), including their main objectives and outcomes, can be found below:

UGPN Research Collaboration Fund 2012 -2015

UGPN Research Collaboration Fund 2015-2016